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Learn how to send messages and manage your Endear inbox

62 articles
How do I set up phone number forwarding?Adding store phone number for call forwarding
Why does my link change when I send a message?Why does my website link look different in my message when sent?
Why isn't our shortened link working? The original one does work.
What is the difference between converted messages and clients

Why are some emails sent from Endear ending up in spam folders?Troubleshooting why emails may be going to customer spam folders
What does the 24-hour autoblock mean?
A customer's phone won't allow them to open a message due to being "unsafe"
I'm unable to hyperlink a URL to I doing something wrong?Why can't I hyperlink my url in a text message?
The image in my message is creating a hyperlink. Why?
What happens to emails that are delayed by 24h message limit?Re-sending delayed emails
How do I use in-line images in my messaging?Learn how to use in-line messaging with SMS and email responses
When should I send a text message vs an email message?When contacting customers you can choose to send an SMS or email
Why do I have fewer text characters available than usual?Learn the common cause of this reduction and how to restore the maximum character count.
Is there a way to stop sending a mass message?If you delete the draft you can avoid pending messages from being sent
How to enhance messages & templatesLearn to add images, products, Stories, links and more!
How do I resubscribe a customer to messages?Resubscribe a customer to messages
What are Merge Fields and how do I use them?Send personalized bulk emails or text messages using Merge Tags
How long can my text messages be?Character limits and details about sending text messages.
Can I share videos through Endear?How to share video content through Endear
How do I add a link to a message?Adding clickable links to any email or SMS message is simple
How do I add Stories to a message?Share Stories you've assembled straight through your messaging platform
Can I include images in my messages?Easily include images in your messages
How do I reply to an existing thread with a customer?Reply to customer's recent message or follow up on a previous message you sent
How do I schedule a message for later?If you are on Endear's growth plan or higher, you can schedule a message to be sent at a later time or date.
How do I preview messages?Preview messages before you send them.
How do I send a new message to a customer?Stay in touch with your customers by sending them engaging messages
How do I message one or more customers on Endear?Learn how to email and text customers one at a time or in bulk
How do I add products to a message?When looking to share products with your clients, quickly add them into your messages with Endear's message toolbar.
When can I send SMS messages to consumers in the US?
When can I send email messages to consumers in the US?
How to use Endear AI