Once you've composed a message, you can choose to send it to your audience at a later time or date.

1. Confirm that you've finalized the copy of your message by clicking Review (this step will not send your message).

2. You'll see the final version of your message presented. Click Schedule. Note that there is no Review stage when scheduling from Endear's mobile app - simply click the calendar icon next to send.

Screen Shot 2021-03-25 at 11.49.12 AM

3. Choose a time for your message to be sent using Endear's presets or select from a calendar view by using the "Pick Date & Time" option. Endear's mobile app currently only offers the calendar view.


4. You'll see a confirmation window below with the date and time you've selected below your message composer. Click Confirm to schedule your message, or use the link in the confirmation window to return to editing.

5. You'll be brought to a confirmation page, where you'll see your message has been added as a draft under the Scheduled folder.

6. If at any time you want to edit your message before it get sent, you can find it in drafts in the Scheduled folder. To edit the message, you'll first need to unschedule it, then you can edit its content.

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