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What are message statuses and how do I change them?
What are message statuses and how do I change them?

How do I change a message's status?

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Applies to: All (Users, Managers, & Admins)

The status of a message is a great indicator to know when you still need take action on any messaging threads with customers. Learn more about how your inbox sections work.

Messages can be divided into 3 statuses:

  • Open: The customer was last to respond.

  • Closed: Customer has received a response or no follow-up action is required.

  • Follow Up: A customer has not been replied to in an extended amount of time

Click on Open

To Change the Status of a Message

1. Click on Inbox, then click on the conversation whose status you want to update.

2. You can respond to a conversation to close the conversation. You also have the option to press Close or Reopen. At the top of the conversation you can press +Actions to Block to block a customer and no longer view their conversations.

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3. Once updated, the thread will move to the appropriate folder in your Inbox

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