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How do I message an entire audience of customers?
How do I message an entire audience of customers?

Learn to message all the customers in an audience- Admin & manager feature.

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Applies to: Managers, Admins and Users


You can send to an entire audience of 10 for users, 25 for managers, and 50 for admins Endear will also take care of making sure that customers do not receive the same message twice, and that customers only receive one blast in the same 24 hours.

If your audience is larger than 50, you can also use Campaigns to automatically send messages to complete audience of customers.

How to message an audience of customers

Step 1. Use the checkbox at the top of the audience and click on the option to select all the customers in the audience (highlighted below).

Check Select all customers

If selecting more than 100+ customers, you will select "Select all 100+ Customers". Then verify the total amount of customers.

Click on Select all 100+ customers
Click on How many customers do you want to send this message to?

Step 2. Once they are all selected, click either the Send Email or Send SMS option.

Click on Send Email

Step 3. Click Preview to view your complete message. Click Done when ready to send.

Click on Hi Corey,…

Step 4. Click Send to send message to the Audience

Click on Send

In the case you need to cancel before it sends, quickly click Cancel

Click on 20%

After you send the message, you can see if your messages were successfully submitted or omitted.

Click on Sending

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