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Who else has access to templates?
Who else has access to templates?

See who can view and edit templates

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Applies to: All (Users, Managers, & Admins)

Templates you've created help you streamline your work and communication with your customers. While some templates are only useful to just one team, others might be helpful to everyone.

When you create a template, you decide who you want to share your template with:

  • Current team: Only the team you're currently signed into will have access to the template you are creating.

  • Select Team: Choose one or multiple teams to share your template with.

  • All teams: Allow everyone to use the template you are creating.

You can update the permissions of a template after its been created by visiting the template in the Templates folder and changing the settings on the right-hand side.

Who can edit a template?

The only users who can edit a specific template are:

  • an admin

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