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Who gets notified about customer messages?
Who gets notified about customer messages?

Endear has a sophisticated messaging routing system to ensure that no messages fall through the cracks.

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Applies to: All (Users, Managers, & Admins)

Message Notifications

Because each user has a unique ID in Endear, we always know who sent a message and which users are assigned. As a result, we also know if these users have message notifications turned on.

1. When a message is received, if there is are active users with notifications enabled who already participate in that conversation with the customer, we will send them a notification.

2. If no users participating in the conversation have notifications enabled, we will send all managers and admins assigned to that location a notification.

3. If there are no managers or admins assigned to that location, we notify all users in that location with notifications enabled.

Limiting Notifications

If you are a user and would like to stop receiving notifications for messages you are assigned to, you can adjust your notifications here.

If you are a manager or admin, the only way to prevent notifications as a result of users not having notifications enabled is to remove yourself from the location whose inbox is receiving the messages you don't want to be notified about. Please keep in mind that if you are receiving messages to an inbox where no users have notifications turned on, we will default to notifying all users.

We recommend that managers be assigned to only one location unless they would like to be notified about multiple inboxes.

Unassigned Messages

If a new customer (someone no one on your team has contacted in the past) writes into one of your contact methods, the message will come into your Team Inbox as 'Unassigned' (visible to all users at a location and all admins), and you can add participants from there. A message will also come in as 'Unassigned' if users who used to participate have since been disabled.

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