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The Sender name, which is also called the “From” name or "From" line, is the vanity name customers see in their inbox instead of an email address. The vanity name is determined by what you enter as the first and last name in your profile.

Keep in mind that nothing else about your profile is visible to the customer when you contact them, including your username and email associated with your Endear account. The email address they will see is the one connect to your team.

You can update this information, at any time, by going into your Settings > Your Profile

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See the example below on ways to write your "From" name - we've provided these names as if your name is Leslie Jones and you work on Haute Look's NYC team:

  • "Leslie Jones" - "Leslie" as the first name and "Jones" as the last name.

  • "Leslie at Haute Look" - "Leslie" as the first name and "at Haute Look" as the last name.

  • "Haute Look NYC" - "Haute Look" as the first name and "NYC" as the last name.

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