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Why are some emails sent from Endear ending up in spam folders?
Why are some emails sent from Endear ending up in spam folders?

Troubleshooting why emails may be going to customer spam folders

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In the initial process of sending out emails through Endear, some emails can occasionally end up in customer spam folders. There are a few ways to prevent this from happening.

Here are our options to troubleshoot to make sure your emails land in your customer's inbox:

  1. A brand new email address always looks suspicious. You have to use the address a little more to "warm" it up.

  2. If you are sending the message to yourself or team, the brand email addresses can look suspicious because the brand name appears in our email address but the address is not identical, which can look like a phishing scam when sent internally

  3. Emails with the is owned by Apple and is notoriously strict with what emails they decide to stop from being delivered. Unfortunately, they don't publicly let anyone know what factors they use for blocking emails, our best recommendation is to only send one to one personal emails to those customers if you want to give your email's the best chance of being delivered.

  4. Ultimately, the best deliverability will be achieved by setting up a custom domain (Professional plan and up)

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