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How long can my text messages be?
How long can my text messages be?

Character limits and details about sending text messages.

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Applies to: All (Users, Managers, & Admins)

In order to preserve high deliverability of text messages and avoid setting off SPAM alerts, Endear limits the length of text messages. Special characters take up more than one character and can dramatically lower the space available to you for text.

  • Any message with a special character in it has a reduced maximum character count.

  • You can remove the special character if you need to make your message longer

If you are using text that is not readily available as a standard keyboard key, it is likely a special character. Punctuation marks and symbols on your keyboard such as % or & are not considered special characters.

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Endear's Composer Field

Endear's message compose field offers a character counter to help you efficiently write your message with these limitations in mind. If you try including more characters, your character counter will turn red. If you try to send a message that's too long, you'll also see an error message indicating that the length of your message has prevented it from being sent. However, merge fields expanding the word count will not prevent them from being sent.

Step 1 screenshot

For reference, here is how messages of these lengths appear to your recipients:

260 Characters

Screen Shot 2020-09-11 at 5.45.28 PM

Images in Text Message

Including images in a text message does not increase the price of sending that text or impact the number of text messages available to your team. To help ensure reliable delivery, images must be smaller than 800 pixels wide to be sent. Each product or Story included in a text message counts as one image.

If you send only one image, we will attempt to deliver it as an MMS (the image will be visible in the message thread). Due to global carrier limitations, we cannot promise that images will be rendered in your message, but the image will always be available through a link. If you include more than one image in your text, we will automatically deliver all your images as links instead.

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