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Writing & Sending Messages
Writing & Sending Messages
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Why are some emails sent from Endear ending up in spam folders?Troubleshooting why emails may be going to customer spam folders
What does the 24-hour autoblock mean?
A customer's phone won't allow them to open a message due to being "unsafe"
I'm unable to hyperlink a URL to I doing something wrong?Why can't I hyperlink my url in a text message?
The image in my message is creating a hyperlink. Why?
What happens to emails that are delayed by 24h message limit?Re-sending delayed emails
How do I use in-line images in my messaging?Learn how to use in-line messaging with SMS and email responses
When should I send a text message vs an email message?When contacting customers you can choose to send an SMS or email
Why do I have fewer text characters available than usual?Learn the common cause of this reduction and how to restore the maximum character count.
Is there a way to stop sending a mass message?If you delete the draft you can avoid pending messages from being sent
How to enhance messages & templatesLearn to add images, products, Stories, links and more!
How do I resubscribe a customer to messages?Resubscribe a customer to messages
What are Merge Fields and how do I use them?Send personalized bulk emails or text messages using Merge Tags
How long can my text messages be?Character limits and details about sending text messages.
Can I share videos through Endear?How to share video content through Endear
How do I add a link to a message?Adding clickable links to any email or SMS message is simple
How do I add Stories to a message?Share Stories you've assembled straight through your messaging platform
Can I include images in my messages?Easily include images in your messages
How do I reply to an existing thread with a customer?Reply to customer's recent message or follow up on a previous message you sent
How do I schedule a message for later?If you are on Endear's growth plan or higher, you can schedule a message to be sent at a later time or date.
How do I preview messages?Preview messages before you send them.
How do I send a new message to a customer?Stay in touch with your customers by sending them engaging messages
How do I message one or more customers on Endear?Learn how to email and text customers one at a time or in bulk
How do I add products to a message?When looking to share products with your clients, quickly add them into your messages with Endear's message toolbar.
When can I send SMS messages to consumers in the US?
When can I send email messages to consumers in the US?
How to use Endear AI