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How do I add a template to a message?
How do I add a template to a message?

Save time by using templates in your messages

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Applies to: All (Users, Managers, & Admins)

Adding a template to a message can save you a lot of time when writing common types of messages, such as thank-you notes. After adding a template, you can always edit and make changes to the text to add a personal touch. Learn more about creating templates.

2. Click the Templates icon in the toolbar.

Add Template

3. Select the template you want to add to your message, then click Insert Template. You can only insert one template at a time.

Add Template 2

If there is already text written in your message, then you'll be prompted to choose between replacing your current draft (removing all that you've already written) or adding the template to the end of your current message ("add to draft"). Choose an option and you'll be brought back to your compose window to continue editing your draft.

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