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How do I resubscribe a customer to messages?
How do I resubscribe a customer to messages?

Resubscribe a customer to messages

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Applies to: All (Users, Managers, & Admins)

A customer may use the unsubscribe option at the end of your message, preventing you from messaging them in the future. However, Endear provides you with an option to resubscribe that customer. You can only resubscribe customers one at a time.

Important: Users should only be re-subscribing if they have received permission from the customer to be resubscribed. If the customer explicitly texts STOP, even if they are resubscribed with Endear, the text will fail. In all other cases, they can be resubscribed.

How to Resubscribe a Customer

Step 1. Visit the message thread from which the customer has unsubscribed. Keep in mind that unsubscribes are unique to each email address and phone number a customer has on file.


Step 2. Click on the location you would like to re-subscribe


Step 3. Click the Resubscribe link at the end of the message.


3. Confirm whether you have permission to resubscribe the customer. Note that resubscribing a customer without their permission goes against our Terms of Use.

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