Learn how to manage your CRM in Endear

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How do I give others access to an Audience?Give your team access to relevant customer lists 
How does Endear categorize an order as closed vs open?What do the Shopify Order status options mean?
I'm unable to find a customer in searchHow to find an archived customer
Should I use a tag or custom field?Learn the benefits and differences of tags and custom fields
How do I delete an Audience?Delete an Audience
How do I pin an Audiences to my Customers page?Pin important Audiences to your customers landing page in Endear 
How do I add and remove tags from customers?Create tags to easily filter your Customer lists 
How do I change which columns I view in my Customers list?Customize your view based on the fields that are most important to you 
How do I edit an Audience?Change the name or description of your Audience, or remove it entirely. 
How do I merge customers?Merging customer profiles in Endear
What is the difference between the First Seen and First Added filters?Learn the difference between First Seen and First Added
How do I turn an import into an Audience?Create an audience of a recent import of customers
How do I apply filters to my Customers list?Narrow down your audiences and customer list to relevant groups for more personalized messaging
How do I create an Audience?Organize your customers into easy-to-access groups by creating an Audience
Why is my Audience blocked?Learn why your audience is blocked and how to restore it
How to move a Customer's information to another Profile