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How do I create an Audience?

Organize your customers into easy-to-access groups by creating an Audience

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Applies to: All (Users, Managers, & Admins)

When you are looking to streamline your customer list, create specific groups to access easily by creating audiences. You can create an audience from any existing audience that you have access to.

Audiences are dynamic lists that can change over time, not a list of particular customers. What defines an audience are it's filters: as customer data changes (purchases made, tags applied, etc) this will cause them to either be included in or removed from particular audiences.

Solution Overview

1. Apply one or more filters that you would like to include in your audience

2. Click on Save

3. Click on Create Audience

4. Give your Audience a name & optional description

5. Click on Create Audience

Step 1. Apply one or more filters that you would like included in your audience

Not sure how to apply filters? Click here.

Step 2. Click on Save

After you've applied your filters, you'll see an option to save the current filters as an Audience.

Click on Save

Step 3. Click on Create new Audience

Choose "create a new Audience" to create a brand new Audience. Alternatively, you can save the existing filters on the current audience.

Step 2 screenshot

Step 4. Give your audience a name & optional description

You can set a name, description and visibility for the audience.

Step 3 screenshot

Step 5. Click on Create Audience

Once you're done, you can click "Create Audience" to save it.

Step 5 screenshot

Unable to save a Audience?

If you are unable to save a Audience, it's because there are no filters applied. Audience must have at least one filter in order to be saved.

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