Each customer's profile page comes with a column dedicated to specific details and data points you have about that customer, such as contact info, birthday, and address.

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If your Endear account is integrated with a POS or e-commerce platform like Shopify, you may see data from those sources reflected in the customer profile section. This data will not be editable in Endear; you'll need to update it in the original source, and then the sync will transfer your update to reflect in Endear as well. You'll know if a field is editable if the item has an "x" next to it, like the tags and email address in the image above do.

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You can manually add or remove additional details on top of the data being automatically synced straight into Endear, such as gender or birthday, by clicking the edit button. A window will open for you to specify details about the customer.

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You can also expand the amount of data stored as part of a customer's profile by adding custom fields. Your users will be able to use custom fields in order to better segment and target your customers. Keep in mind that you need to be on Endear's Professional or Enterprise plan to take advantage of custom fields.

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