How do I edit an Audience?

Change the name or description of your Audience, or remove it entirely. 

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Applies to: All (Users, Managers, & Admins)

There are 2 ways to edit the name or description of an Audience.

1. From the Audience Page

Step 1. Locate the audience you want to delete on your Audience Page and click on the three dots at the bottom-right corner. If an audience does not have the three dots, that is an indication that you are not able to remove that audience

Step 1 screenshot

Step 2. Click Edit Audience

Step 2 screenshot

Step 3. Update the name and/or description in the on pop-up window and click Update Audience.

Step 3 screenshot

2. You can also edit these details from within the audience itself, on the Customers page.

Step 1. Click on Saved within your Audience


Step 2. Make the desired changes to the name or description of your audience and click Update Audience.

Step 5 screenshot

You can change the access permissions of your audience once it has been created. You cannot edit the filters that make up your audience. Adding or removing filters to the ones displayed will enable you to create a new audience.

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