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How does Endear categorize an order as closed vs open?
How does Endear categorize an order as closed vs open?

What do the Shopify Order status options mean?

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When using Filters to create segments, you have the option to categorize customers by order. This is how how we interpret Shopify order status:

Shopify has 3 different order status options:

  1. Open- The order was placed or created. There is work to do for the order, which can include processing payment, fulfilling, or processing returns.

  2. Closed- Closed meaning order or return complete

  3. Cancelled- The order was canceled. If a canceled order was not fully refunded, then there might be work remaining for the order.

Typically, and order is open up until the fulfillment is complete and it has been delivered, at which point it becomes closed.

However, Shopify allows for some customization as to how this works, so consider testing by taking a look at some orders in Shopify checking at what point their order status updates.

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