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How do I add and edit Customer profile custom fields?
How do I add and edit Customer profile custom fields?

How to create custom fields and edit their format and visibility. Custom fields are available to Admins on the Professional plan.

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Applies to: Admins

Endear currently offers custom fields for subscribers to the Professional plan and above.

Similar to tags, you'll be able to filter by these fields to build customer segments. Custom fields can be populated manually or by an external app or API. One advantage of creating a custom field over a tag is you'll be able to control the format and who can edit the field.

How to create a new custom field

  1. Click on Settings

  2. Click on Customers

  3. Click Add Field

  4. Enter the Details of your key and click Create Field

1. Click on Settings

Step 1 screenshot

2. Click on Customers

Step 2 screenshot

3. Click on Add Field

Step 3 screenshot

3. Choose the details of your new field. We recommend sticking with the key that is auto-populated as you add the name of your fiend. Note that your new field's key cannot be changed once you create a new field.

Step 4 screenshot

Types of Fields

Along with picking a type of field, you can choose to allow users to edit this field, or require that it only be populated by an API. You can also enable multiple submissions to the field. The options and settings for type of field are:

How to edit a custom field

You can edit the name and description of any custom field, hide the field from customers' profiles, change users' access to editing, or change where the field appears on a customer's profile. Note that you cannot change the key or the field type.

Visit the field's details within Customers settings by clicking on the field to make the following changes:

Step 5 screenshot
  • Click "Hide" next to Visible to prevent the field from appearing (hidden fields will then appear under the Hidden tab, where you can re-add the app to profiles by clicking "Show").

  • Click "Disable Editing" to prevent users from editing the field

  • Use the arrows under Position to change where the fields are displayed. The order on this page is also the order you'll see on a customer's profile.

  • Where relevant, you can also add options for your menu drop-downs under Options.

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