How do I apply filters to my Customers list?

Narrow down your audiences and customer list to relevant groups for more personalized messaging

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You can create a variety of filters to narrow down a list of a customers to the perfect audience. Here is an example of using filters to see which customers have purchased something in the past 30 days.

Solution Overview

1. Click on + Filter

2. Click on By Last Order

3. Select Last Order Date

4. Check in the past X days

5. Type "30"

6. Click Confirm

1. Click on Filter to begin.

Click on Filter

2. Click on By Last Order

Select the desired filters category you want to use to filter customers. For this example we are using "By Last Order".

Click on By Last Order…

3. Select Last Order Date

Select the desired filter option. For this example, we selected "Last Order Date".

Select Last Order Date

4. Check in the past x days

The menu will then guide you to select the relevant time frame for this filter. In this case, we selected "in the past x days".

Check in the past x days

5. Type "30" to filter by customers that purchased in the last 30 days.


6. Click on Confirm to apply the filter.

Click on Confirm

Repeat steps 1 - 6 to apply multiple filters to your list. You'll see all the applied filters listed below the search bar in grey boxes.

To save this filtered list for future reference, see our article about how to create an audience.

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