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Creating and Assigning Customers
How do I assign & un-assign users to customers?
How do I assign & un-assign users to customers?

Assign others to customers in Endear

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Applies to: All (Users, Managers, & Admins)

Managing the users assigned to your customers is key for personalized communication. You can assign & un-assign users to customers as the staff changes.

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How to edit assignments on one customer

1. To add an assigned user go to the customer profile click the + under relationships

To add an assigned user click the +

2. Select the users you'd like to assign

Select the user's you'd like to assign

3. Click on Confirm

Click on Confirm

To remove a user.

1. Click the User you'd like to remove

Click the User you'd like to remove

2. Click on Remove

Click on Remove

How to assign more than one customer at a time

You can assign customers in bulk from an audience or filtered list of customers.

Step 1. Once the customers you want to include are selected,click Bulk Edit


Step 2. Select Assign users, then click Next


Step 3. Select one or more users to add by checking the box next to their name. This could be yourself or other users. Once complete, click Next


Step 4. Confirm your changes, by entering the # of customer assigned and clicking the checkbox "Yes, I want to apply the changes to # customers". Then click Confirm


To remove a user from multiple customers at once, follow steps 1 and 2 for this section and then:

  1. Under the Action box for Bulk Edit, select 'Unassign users' instead.

  2. Go the remaining steps to edit and confirm

You can also use the 'Assigned User' filter if you want to see all the customers assigned to a specific person on your team. Learn how to apply filters here.

Do customers know they are assigned to me?

No, customers will not receive a notification that they have been assigned to you and do not know that they are tied to you within Endear.

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