You can import multiple customers at once into Endear via CSV. Visit this article to learn how to manually add customers into your database.

CSV import is not available to users, you'll need to have an admin to import the list for you, or ask an admin to change your permissions. Not sure who your admins are? Discover who your Admins are by visiting:

To import a CSV file with your customers into Endear:

  1. Click on Import Customers from the main Customers page.

2. You can also find the Import function in the list view of Customers.

3. Click Add file and select a CSV file from your computer to import.

4. Click Next.

5. Ensure your data imports correctly by using the drop-down menus highlighted below to match all columns from your CSV file to the appropriate fields in Endear. If there is a column you do not want imported, then leave the menu as 'Skip This Column'.

Note that if you'd like to add unique tags to each customer, create a column in your csv that lists all the tags for each customer separated by commas, then match that column to the Tags field.

6. Click Next.

7. Endear will create a default tag for the date of import. Add any tags you would like to be applied to this entire list of customers.

8. Click Import.

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