How do I merge customers?
Merging customer profiles in Endear
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If one customer has two separate profiles in Endear, you can merge these two profiles. Merging profiles will also enable the platform to attribute sales to users more accurately.

NB: when you merge two customer profiles, the system will remove the “merged” customer record and move all details to the new customer. This includes notes, tasks, orders, profile fields, contact methods, conversations, assigned users. This action cannot be undone.

How to merge customer profiles:

1. Visit the customer profile of the customer you want to merge into

screenshot_5faacc5c-017b-42d8-a8dd-d366919bf9de.png (2880×1554)

2. Click on the Merge button at the top of the profile

screenshot_5faacc5c-017b-42d8-a8dd-d366919bf9de.png (2880×1554)

3. Search for the customer whose profile you want to merge into this one - this will be the profile that's "merged", meaning its record will be deleted after the merge is complete. Click Next.

screenshot_a22e3ce3-11b2-4ad9-ad9a-4b21599d0424.png (2880×1554)

4. Confirm the merge by typing 'merge' and checking the confirmation box. Click Confirm.

screenshot_f9041ca1-496a-4f65-8e12-1b67b2f70858.png (2880×1554)

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