What are the sections in my Messaging inbox?

A break-down of the different sections in your Messaging inbox

The Messaging Module is divided into different sections to help you stay organized. These sections are organized based on the status of your messages, whether or not you are a participant, and other inbox filters

When you enter the Messaging module, you are automatically brought to your Inbox. (Learn more about how your team inbox works .) This is where you can compose a new message or reply to an existing thread.

Messaging Module

  1. My Inbox: All of the conversations that you are participating in.
  2. Team Inbox: All of the the messages your team has received to its dedicated email addresses and phone numbers; note that some of these conversations may be unassigned. Professional subscription accounts can opt to make the Team inbox unavailable.
  3. Unassigned: All of the messages sent to your team's contact methods that don't currently have a participant.
  4. All conversations: All of the messages sent to your team, including those that have been blocked.
  5. Drafts: Messages you've started composing but haven't sent yet.
  6. Outbox: Messages that you have sent, including those that have failed and those that are still being processed.
  7. Scheduled: Messages that are scheduled to be sent at a later date. Learn how to schedule a message for later.
  8. Templates: All of the templates available to you, including those you created.