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What details are displayed in a Story?
What details are displayed in a Story?

See what details customers can view in your team's Stories.

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Applies to: Admins

You may want to change what details are displayed in your Stories. Admins can set up default Story settings and choose which fonts are used across all Stories. These changes only affect Stories created after the settings have been adjusted; the new settings will not be applied retroactively.

Users can also make custom settings for a Story they create, but setting defaults will save you and your team time.

Solution Overview

  • Font Family: Change how the default text appears in your Stories.

  • Checkout: If Shopify checkout is enabled, they can add the item to their cart

  • Clickable: Items can be clicked and redirected to the product page

  • Creator: The user who created the Story

  • Item Vendor: The brand associated with the product

  • Item Title: The name of the item

  • Item Price: The price of the item

  • Item Comments: Comments the user can add below each item

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