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How do I delete customers or avoid contacting them?

Customers cannot be deleted in Endear; however they can be archived by admins.

Customers cannot be deleted in Endear; however they can be archived. Archived customers will be omitted from segments and searches, and therefore not included in outreach unless you seek them out.
If your account uses an integration, any customers in your POS or e-commerce platform will continue to have their information be updated, even if they are archived. You would need to remove the contact information from those sources in order for them to stop appearing in Endear completely. However, if you are adding customers manually, you can choose to remove their contact info and therefore they will be omitted from any bulk sends or outreach. You can tell if the email address or phone number has been imported manually if it has an "x" next to it in the customer's profile details. If it doesn't, it is being imported through an integration and cannot be removed.
Keep in mind that Endear already includes an unsubscribe option in our emails and texts; if you've already contacted a customer, you can also unsubscribe the contact manually