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How do I adjust access or delete a report?
How do I adjust access or delete a report?

Control which members of your team can view certain reports or remove reports entirely.

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Applies To: Admins

You can see who has access to any report on the report's card. The default reports created by Endear are set up to match the role a user has in your account (user, manager, or admin). If you are on the Starter plan, all users can see all reports.

How to change a report's user access

  1. From the Insights module, click the three dots at the corner of the report whose access you want to change.

  2. You will be able to select who you want to view the report from this menu. After selecting an option, click Save to apply your selected setting.

3. After selecting a visibility, the report will display who can view that report.

How to delete a report

Follow steps 1-2 above, then choose the delete option at the bottom right of the edit segment box. Once you delete a segment, this cannot be undone.

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