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How do I edit or delete a task?
How do I edit or delete a task?

Learn how to edit, delete, and restore tasks and notes

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Applies to: All (Users, Managers, & Admins)

If you are the creator of a task, you can edit all of a task's details at any time or delete it. Admins can also edit or delete any task. You can also bulk delete notes & tasks, and restore them any time.

Solution Overview:

  1. Visit the task you want to edit

  2. Update its info (or delete it)

  3. You can restore a deleted task so long as you created it or you are an admin

How To Edit a Task

Step 1. Click on the task column of the note you want to edit

Click on Merchandise store and dust shelves - Merchandise store and dust shelves

Step 2. Click on any fields you want to update- you can edit the task description, task title, task status, deadline, repeats, teammate assignment, tags,

Click on description

How to delete a Task

You can delete a task so long as you are an admin or the creator of the task. These same users can also restore a task.

Step 1. Click on Delete at the top of the task

Click on Delete

How to View and Restore Deleted Tasks (only admins and creators can restore deleted tasks)

Step 1. Click on More filters on your Notes and Tasks list

Click on More filters

Step 2. Click on the Deleted filter option

Click on Deleted

Step 3. Click on yes

Click on More filters

Step 5. Click on Done - you'll see all the Notes that have previously been deleted

Click on Done

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