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Sales Over Time Report
Reading your Sales Over Time Report
Reading your Sales Over Time Report

This report provides helpful data about every purchase attributed to a message sent through Endear

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Applies to: All (Users, Managers, & Admins)

In the "Sales over time" report, you'll find a recap for the current month by default, or selected data range, which includes:

  • "Total # of Orders": Total unique orders resulting from a sale

  • "Total Sales": Dollar value of those unique orders combined

  • "Average Order Value": The average amount spent per order

  • "Average days to convert": How long on average it took for a customer to purchase after receiving a message. Note that this takes into account your predetermined attribution window.

These values will adjust to reflect the changes you make in date range and the filters you apply.

The table under your graph will give you a more thorough breakdown by the following:

  • Order #: Order number related to the sale

  • Order Date: When the order was made

  • Order Status: Cancelled, Closed, Open, Refunded

  • Sent By: Which user sent the message

  • Total: The total dollar value of the order

  • Attributable Amount: The dollar value of the order not including tax, and shipping - This value is meant to serve as the sale value to base a commission payment off of

  • Subtotal: Order value before any discounts, taxes, or shipping has been applied

  • Discounts: Dollar value of a discount offered to the customer

  • Shipping: Cost of shipping to the customer

  • Tax: Sales tax on the item (can be $0.00)

  • Refund: Dollars returned to the customer in the form of a refund

  • Order Location: Where the order was placed (can be a website or a physical store)

  • Channel: The portal through which the order was placed (can be web, POS terminal, or any other sales channel you have connected to Endear).

  • Tags: Tags associated with the order (imported through an integration)

  • Discount Codes: Relevant codes applied to that order

  • Actions: You'll see the option to delete the order entirely


All users have access to a version of Endear's default Sales over Time report, which takes your role (user, manager, admin) into consideration.

You may also have access to additional saved reports created by you or someone else on your team, which come with their own combination of filters.


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