Setting the date range

From within any report, you're able to adjust the period of time over which you want to see results by using the Date Range drop-down menu. By default, this range will be month-to-date, but you can click to adjust it either using preset timelines or by selecting dates on a calendar.

Setting the interval (messaging reports only)

For messaging reports, you can also choose an interval (daily, weekly, monthly) within that timeframe to see how message volume changes. For example, the image is below is broken down by day, whereas a monthly breakdown would show only one column.

Grouping By (message reports only)

"Group by" also lets you adjust your bar graph to show different buckets together. Within an interval, you can display how many messages fit into each of the following buckets:

Filtering reports

Each report also offers the most relevant filters for you to adjust at the top. You can also always access additional filters through the More Filters option. You can layer one or more filters together to get your desired results.

Filtering your Sales Over Time report

From the left to right:

  • Message Sent From (select a team)

    Month to Date

Messages Sent Over Time & Received Over Time

From the left to right:

Check out a video of how to apply filters and learn more about Endear reports here.

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