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How do I build and save a report?
How do I build and save a report?

Any user can build a report in Endear in order to better understand user performance and conversions

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Applies To: All (Users, Managers, & Admins)

How to Build a Report

1. First choose a report. You can start from scratch by clicking Create Report and selecting the type of report that you want to build:

  • Sales Over Time: Sales driven through Endear.

  • Messages Sent Over Time: Messages your team has sent through Endear.

  • Messages Received Over Time: Messages your team has received through Endear

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Otherwise, choose a default report by Endear or a report you or someone on your team has already created. You can find all the reports available to you on your insights page.

2. Once you have selected a report, you will be able to adjust by date and apply filters to display the data you're interested in. Each report has its own unique set of default features, but you will be able to apply any combination of filters that you need.

How to Save a Report

If you are subscribed to Endear's Professional Plan, you will be able to move on to saving a report and decide how you would like to share your report with the rest of your team.

1. From the, "Sales over time" module, select your relevant filters and click "Save".

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2. After deciding on an appropriate Name and Description for your report, select who can view the report and click "Create Report"

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3. The created report will be visible on your Insights page and the Insights page of anyone else you've shared it with. You can also see who has access to a report right on the report's card. You can adjust access at any time.

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