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What do Endear's default reports tell me?
What do Endear's default reports tell me?

Endear provides basic reports out-of-the-box to help you understand how your team is doing.

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Applies to: Managers, Admins

On the Insights page, you will see two high-level stat boxes that are based on your "Sales Over Time" report and your "Messages sent over Time". These recaps offer a quick glance at how you or your team is doing. You will be able to view these stats immediately upon clicking on the Insights button.

Clicking View Report will bring you to a more thorough and editable report related to the messages your team has sent and the sales they have driven. These reports also differ based on who is viewing the Insights page:

  • Users will be brought to a recap of their own individual performance

  • managers and admins will see a broader team recap based on the team they are currently signed into (visible at the top-left corner of the page).

Note that if you are on Endear's Starter plan, all your users are considered admins.

Team messages sent this month

  • Total Sent: The total number of messages sent through Endear.

  • Has Asset: The number of messages sent with assets attached (assets include products or Story).

  • Clicked: The number of messages sent that were clicked (clicks could be on a link, product or Story)

  • Received Reply: The number of messages that received a reply

Team sales this month:

  • Total # of orders: Total number of unique orders attributed to messages sent through Endear

  • Total Sales: Total dollar value attributed to messages sent through Endear

  • Avg Order Value: Average order value of transactions that resulted out of messages sent through Endear

  • Avg Days to Convert: Average number of days between a message being sent and an order being placed that is linked to that message

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