What are Lookbooks?

Send visual and clickable content to your customers with lookbooks

Lookbooks give you the opportunity to engage your customers with customized visual and clickable content in a professionally designed layout.

You can stay actively connected to your customers and give them curated recommendations or notify them of new arrivals even when they can't make it into the store. Virtual shopping sessions have never been easier, for both you and the customer.

Products in Lookbooks

The items from your Products page can be included in your lookbooks. If the item you select also has a URL associated with it, then the customer is able to click on the item and visit the product listing on your e-commerce site directly. 

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Sharing Lookbooks

Share your lookbooks through Endear Messaging or use the Shareable Link to send through e-mail, text message, or via social media. Lookbook URLs are accessible to anyone you share them with, customers do not need any special apps in order to view lookbooks. Customers can also share lookbooks with their friends. 


Lookbook Options 

Customize the look and feel of your lookbooks through their settings. You can choose what page elements to display, what product details to include, and whether or not images are clickable. 

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Lookbook Views and Clicks

Whether you're sharing a lookbook with one or multiple customers, you can always see how many people have viewed the lookbook and how many people have clicked through to your e-commerce site. This can help you determine what content is most engaging to your customers.