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What are Shoppable Stories?
What are Shoppable Stories?

Introducing Shoppable Stories! Your customers can now browse, add to cart, and checkout directly from your Stories with Endear Checkout

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Applies to: All (Users, Managers, & Admins)

Using this powerful new feature, you can now attribute purchases with total confidence back to the Stories your sales associates and stores share.


Why Make Stories Shoppable?

  • Incentivizes your busy sales team to prioritize sending Stories to their clients during store down time or scheduled clienteling periods.

  • Allows trackable data visibility to the Stories that convert to sales, so you know what is resonating with your customers.

  • Easier to track individual users' daily and weekly outreach to meet your store goals.

  • The story can be shared anywhere you can put a URL

Customer Experience

  • Add products directly to the built-in Stories cart (no need to leave the Story experience)

  • Select all the necessary variations before Check out (e.g. size and color)

  • From SMS message to One-click checkout via Shop Pay

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