What is the difference between Admin, Manager, and User?

Learn the different permissions of each user based on their user role

There are 3 different levels of permissions a user can have within Endear. 


User's with the role of Admin in Endear can see and do anything in the account. They have the ability to switch between locations, create tasks and segments for different locations and users, and assign other users to customers. Admins can also adjust certain settings in Endear and view the Endear Reports features. It's also important to note that Admin's in Endear will receive any transactional emails from the Endear team if there are ever any issues with your account or major updates.


User's with the role of Manager in Endear are essentially Admins but only of the locations they have access to. This means they can create tasks and segments for other users within their location(s) and assign users of their location to customers. 


User's with the role of User are most often the Sales Associates/Stylists working with customers on a day to day basis. They have access to just the location(s) they are added to and can only create segments for themselves and assign themselves to customers.