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Step 1: Send yourself a message

Send yourself a test message in Endear

Follow the steps below or watch the video walk-through here .

1. Starting from your Endear Home, add yourself as a client using the Quick-Add shortcut at the top of your Clients card.

Do you already exist in the system? If so, click on the All segment and search for your email address in the search bar to locate your client profile. 

2. Once you're in your client profile, click on the New Message icon next to the email or phone number you provided under the Chat tab. 

If you don't have any contact information, you will need to add an email or phone number to your profile first to send yourself a message.

3. Craft your first message to yourself, making sure to include a subject line for emails. 

We'll show you how to take advantage of helpful shortcuts to templates, products, and more later on.

Once you've sent your message, check your inbox or phone to see what its like for clients when you message them. Take me to Endear