How do I setup a Magento 1.x integration?

Learn how to setup your Magento 1.x integration

Follow the steps below to setup your Magento 1.x integration.

Create OAuth Consumer

  • On the Magento Admin Panel menu, select System > Web Services > REST - OAuth Consumers.
  • On the OAuth Consumers page, click Add New in the top right corner to add a new consumer.
  • The New Consumer page opens. The Key and Secret fields are filled automatically and cannot be edited. These values are generated automatically and will be used to identify the Consumer in Magento.
  • Fill in the following fields: Name: You can put "Endear", Callback URL: Leave this blank, Rejected Callback URL: Leave this blank
  • Click Save in the top right corner to save the created Consumer.
  • Copy the Key and Secret and paste them into the fields in your Arthur admin. The admin url should follow and the api url should follow
  • Click Next and follow the instructions.

Create Admin REST Role

  • Visit System > Web Services > REST - Roles
  • Click Add Admin Role. Give it a name, then select Role API Resources on the left-hand side, and make sure you check the following boxes
  • Click Save Role
  • Next, visit Role Users within the Admin role and add your user to the role
  • Click Save Role.

Set Admin REST Attributes

  • Visit System > Web Services > REST - Attributes
  • Select the Admin User Type & make sure Resource Access is set to All
  • Click Save