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Attentive x Endear
Attentive x Endear
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With Attentive seamlessly integrated into your system, you'll unlock a range of features designed to optimize your clienteling strategies:

Customer Profile Insights

Dive deeper into your customer profiles to gain a comprehensive understanding of communications sent by your brand. You can now view each customer's Attentive subscription status directly from their profile, allowing for more personalized and targeted communication. You can also see what messages were recently sent by Attentive

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Filter Audiences

Take advantage of our marketing subscription filtering options to segment your audience effectively. Easily identify and target individuals who are subscribed in Attentive, ensuring your messages reach the right people at the right time.

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Access to Marketing Events and Subscriptions

Now, you can effortlessly see all your marketing events and customer's subscriptions directly from Endear. Simply click here to explore and analyze your marketing events, gaining valuable insights to refine your campaigns and drive better results.

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Prevent Over-Communication

Worried about bombarding your customers with too many messages? With Attentive integrated, you can now prevent campaigns from contacting individuals who have recently been reached through Attentive. You can now exclude people who have been recently contacted in the Suppression rules of your Campaign. This helps you maintain a balanced and non-intrusive communication approach.

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