How do I create a Lookbook?

Create engaging and clickable content with Lookbooks 

Endear allows you to create customized and engaging recommendations with lookbooks. 

To create a new Lookbook:

  1. From the main Lookbooks landing page, click the + Lookbook button the upper right corner. 

2. Add an optional title and description for your lookbook. You can also add these after generating the lookbook.

3. Click Save.

4. Once the new lookbook is generated, click + Items to get started adding products.

5. Add products or images to your lookbook.

6. Make your product selections click the Insert Products button.

7. Choose the images you want to appear for each item or add an alternate image. Once complete, click Save.

8. Customize any titles, descriptions, or comments.

You can add additional products or sections to your lookbook as needed. And preview your lookbook before sending it off.

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