How do I create a task?

Organize and prioritize your work with Tasks

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Applies to: All (Users, Managers, & Admins)

Create a task for yourself or another member of your team to let them know what needs to be done. Endear will notify the users of the tasks they have been assigned and send a reminder at the time it is due. When a task is done, users can mark a task as complete.

Solution Overview

  1. Visit the Notes & Tasks module of your account

  2. Click Create Task

  3. Add details to your task such as title, description, assignee, and due date

  4. Choose whether you want your task to recur

  5. Assignees will be notified at the time their task comes due

To Create a Task from Home page

Step 1. Click Create a Task from Quick Action cards

Click on Create a task

Step 2. Fill out details of task in Note Section

Click on Create a task…

Step 3. Create a deadline

Click on Add tags

Step 4. You have the option to Add tags, Assign a user(s), and to link the task to a specific customer

Click on Link a customer
Click on Assigned users
Click on Assigned users

To Create a Task from the Tasks Module:

Step 1. Click Notes & Tasks from the left menu

Click on Notes & Tasks


Step 2. Click the Create Task button in the upper right corner of the screen. Note that once you've clicked this button, your task will automatically be created. No fields are required for a task to be created.

Click on Create Task

Step 3. Start building your note/task

Click on Status…

Step 3. Enter a title and a description by clicking Edit.

Click on Edit

Step 4. Click Add a tag to add tags to your task. Adding tags will help you filter between different types of tasks.


Step 5. Click the Edit button next to Assignees to assign the task to an associate. You can assign the same task to multiple associates. Users will be notified by email once they are assigned.


Step 6. Set Due Date to let users know by when the task should be completed. Tasks can also be set to recur on regular intervals.


Set Tasks To Recur Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or Yearly

  1. Click the Repeat option that appears once you've selected a due date


2. Select the interval at which you want the task to repeat

Step 3 screenshot

3. Click on Confirm

Step 4 screenshot

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