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How do I add Lookbooks to a message?

Share Lookbooks you've assembled straight through your messaging platform

When writing a message to a customer, you can attach Lookbooks to your email or SMS. Lookbooks are a great way to keep your customers engaged with specific items you've selected. Learn more about Lookbooks .

1. Compose a new message or reply to an existing thread.

2. After writing your message, click the Lookbooks icon (the paintbrush).



3. Select the Lookbook you want to include in your message and click Insert Lookbook.

Lookbooks 2


5. Click the Review button to preview your message. 

  • When sending an email, the Lookbook will appear in the body of your message.
  • When sending an SMS, the Lookbook will show as an attachment and a link to the Lookbook will be included in your message with a preview image.

   6. Click Send

Lookbooks 3