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Step 3: Create your first Template

Create your first email or text messaging template in Endear

Messaging templates are great for common messages you find yourself writing over and over again! Lets combine what we learned in step 1 and step 2 by creating a template with our Lookbook in it!

Follow the steps below or
watch this video walk-through.

1. Access your inbox

Starting from your Endear Home , select the "All" option from your Conversations card on your home screen.

2. Create your template

By clicking on +Compose from the upper right hand corner and selecting "New Template". Give your template a name and select the type (email or text).

3. Add your Lookbook

Once you've drafted the text for your template, you can add your Lookbook by selecting the paintbrush icon. Click save once you're done.

4. Send your template

From your conversations inbox, select yourself again and hit reply in the lower right hand corner. Now you can use the Template icon to add your template to this message and send it! Take me to Endear!