How do I disable a user? [Admins only]

Disable users so they can no longer log-in to your account. Only admins can disable users.

If a user no longer needs access to use Endear for any reason, it's a good idea to disable them and ensure they can't log in. To do this, access your Settings and then select Users. Click on any user's name to expand their dropdown, and then select Disable.

Screen Shot 2020-06-11 at 8.24.30 AM

2. A new window will pop up so that you can choose what to do about this user's activity. You'll need to select an option in order to disable the user. Below is a more detailed breakdown of your options.

Leave all customers & conversations as-is: while the user will still be disabled, all the conversations and customers they have been assigned to in the past will still be assigned to them. This option will let you continue to use their name to locate customers and conversations they were associated with on your own, even after the user is no longer able to sign into Endear. 

Unassign from all customers & conversations: the user will no longer be assigned to customers' profiles and will no longer be listed as a participant in any conversations. This action will not cause any customers or conversations to be archived or deleted. If this user was the only participant in a conversation, that conversation will now appear in the  "unassigned" folder of your team inbox. 

Reassign all customers & conversations currently assigned to this user to a different user: This option lets you seamlessly hand off all your disabled user's customers and conversations to someone else on your team. You can only reassign to one user. Once you select it, you'll be able to search for a user to reassign activity to. 


3. Once you've made your selection, Type "disable" into the field to confirm you want to remove this user from your Endear account. Click Confirm.