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How can I use UTM's to track customer engagement?

Customer interactions on messages and lookbooks can be tracked in Google Analytics and other similar platforms through our default UTM's.

In Endear, all external links sent via messaging & lookbooks will get automatically shortened on send. When any of the shortened links are clicked in a text message, email, or lookbook, the customer will be taken to that link destination and standardized UTM query parameters will be appended to the URL automatically. 

If the original link that’s sent already has UTM parameters, we will not override them, so if you are building your own UTM's, those will stay in place. 

Below is a breakdown of how to read the UTM's to understand customers' behavior. Most important to note is that any click that originated in Endear will the have source listed as 'endear'. Below is a chart that explains how additional UTM parameters are determined. 


Parameter Description Always Included
utm_source 'endear' Yes
utm_medium 'email', 'sms', or 'lookbook'. *If a lookbook is visited from a message, this parameter will be the message type, not 'lookbook' No

Emails: subject line formatted in 'snake_case'

sms: 'default_sms_campaign'

lookbooks: lookbook title formatted in 'snake_case'


'message' or 'lookbook'.

If a customer landed on a lookbook before landing on your site, this parameter will be 'lookbook'. Otherwise, it will be 'message'.