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Is there a way to know who is an Admin?
Is there a way to know who is an Admin?

Learn who the admins are on your Endear account

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Users with the role of Admin in Endear can see and do anything in the account.

Typically when you are unable to perform a specific function on Endear, it likely means that it's an Admin only feature.

They have the ability to switch between locations, create tasks and segments for different locations and users, and assign other users to customers. Admins can also adjust certain settings in Endear and view the Endear Reports features.

Solution Overview:

  1. Click on Settings

  2. Click on Users

  3. Select the Role filter and choose Admin

1. Click on Settings

Step 1 screenshot

2. Click on Users

Step 2 screenshot

3. Select Role filter and choose Admin

Step 3 screenshot

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