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Hi and welcome to Endear! Let's get started by answering a couple of questions for you.

What is Endear?

Endear's app is built specifically for retail stores and their teams to keep track of their clients and stay in touch with them. We capture, organize, & store all the data available about your customers (including purchases, style preferences, notes, reminders etc.) and make it available to you in an easy-to-view profile so that you can use this information to better help them. 

We also make it easy for you to share recommendations directly in your messages by storing all your products and their relevant details right in the app (including images!)

Why should I use Endear?

Customers are shopping online more and more, so when a customer decides to come into your store, it's important that you have all the right resources to ensure that they get even more out of their visit than they could online (that's why they've made the journey to you, after all). We built Endear in order to help you make the most out of each and every customer's trip, and continue to support them in their purchase journey even once they leave.

Endear not only gives you a way to continue each customer's "in-store experience" outside the store, but also allows any purchase (whether online or in-store) to be attributed back to the messages that you sent! Finally, you can earn credit for your contribution to both your brand's store and website. So when you have goals to hit but the traffic coming into your store isn't keeping up, you can rest assured that the extra effort you put in will still go noticed. 

What should I use Endear for?

1. When existing customers come in the store...

You can look up any existing customer and see their full history across all stores and even online. Their unified profile will inform you of their preferences, sizes, and other important details to give you a wholistic picture of this customer so you can offer them the best service. 

Once they leave, you can follow up with them by sending them a thank-you, sharing product recommendations, or providing a recap of what they tried on or looked at. Over time, you can build your own book of clients that you're particularly close with by assigning clients to yourself. 

2. When new shoppers come in the store...

You no longer have to wonder if that shopper you helped for an hour ever ended up purchasing something after leaving empty-handed. With Endear, you can capture that customer's name, email, and/or phone number and send them a message guiding them directly to the most relevant products based on their visit. No matter where they purchase, you will get the credit you deserve for the sale thanks to your direct impact on their decision to buy. 

3. When foot traffic is low...

Your job as a sales associate is to help customers in their buying journey. Before Endear, you were limited to only helping the people who came in to your store in the first place. Now, you can continue working with customers outside the store by sending them personalized messages, inviting them in for one-on-one shopping sessions, or announcing newly launched items you know they'll love. These are just a few of the possibilities!

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