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What is Endear?

Endear is the all-in-one clienteling solution for omnichannel brands. Endear’s cloud-based CRM and messaging platform empowers sales teams to communicate with customers and drive sales remotely while tracking store performance.

Endear empowers brands with the customer data and tools they need to drive sales and better engage with customers, both in-store and online.

Customer Relationship Management

Endear connects to your point-of-sale or eCommerce platform to offer a live feed of customer order history, data, and product inventory. Organize your customer data using filters like total spend, order location, and address so you're always targeting the right customers with the right message.


Every email, text, or WhatsApp sent on your brand's behalf - all in one place. Personalize individual or bulk messages with filters like name, item purchased, or birthday. Create on-brand message templates and automated campaigns to deliver a consistent customer experience every time.

Product Recommendations

Endear's Shoppable Stories allows your team to send product recommendations in a shoppable story-like format based on customer order history and interest. Share Shoppable Stories through email, text, or WhatsApp; customers can browse, add to cart, and checkout without ever leaving your message.


Endear tracks each message sent through the app so you can see how your team is contributing to sales and store performance. Endear also reports which products were purchased, where the sale occurred, and any returns or refunds associated.

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