How do I create a task for a specific customer?

Create a task for a specific customer

Sometimes you may want to create a task about 1 customer, for example to remind yourself or someone on your team to follow up after a recent interaction.

You can create these kinds of tasks through the customer's profile page.

1. Visit the customer's profile page by clicking on her name in your Customers list

2. Click +Note under the Notes section of her profile

3. Provide any information you'd like, such as title, description or tags (all optional) - then click Create Follow Up Task

4. You'll then be able to populate additional details related to your follow-up, including who you'd like to assign to the task and a due date. Note that any users already assigned to the customer will now be assigned to the task automatically.

5. Your task will now exist within the Tasks module. When you visit it in Tasks, you'll also see that there is now a field for the associated customer. You can use this field to re-visit her profile page, where you'll see your task is also listed under Notes.