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How do I assign & un-assign users to customers?

Assign others to customers in Endear

2. To assign or unassign other users to a customer, first click the Edit button

Screen Shot 2021-04-01 at 4.15.03 PM

2. From this menu, you can add or remove assigned users by switching the toggles on or off. Customers can have more than one assigned user.

3. Click Save when complete.


How to assign more than one customer at a time

You can assign customers in bulk from a segment or filtered list of customers. 

  1. Check the box above the list of customers to select all the customers in the segment. Alternatively, you can check the box next to each individual customer you want to include, if it is not the entire list.

2. Once the customers you want to include are selected, click the More actions button and choose Bulk Edit from the drop down menu.

3. Under Action, click 'Add assigned users'.
4. Select one or more users to add by checking the box next to their name. This could be yourself or other users.
5. Click Update when complete.

To remove a user from multiple customers at once, follow steps 1 and 2 for this section and then:

  1. Under the Action box for Bulk Edit, select 'Unassign users' instead.
  2. Select one or more users to remove. This could be yourself or others.
  3. Click Update with complete.

You can also use the 'Assigned User' filter if you want to see all the customers assigned to a specific person on your team. Learn how to apply filters here. 

Do customers know they are assigned to me?

No, customers will not receive a notification that they have been assigned to you and do not know that they are tied to you within Endear. 


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