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Endear's Mobile App (in beta)

Learn how to get started on Endear's mobile app with these basic FAQ's

How do I sign into the app?

You can sign into the app using the same credentials that you've always used for your account. You can use your email, phone number, or username plus your account password. 

Can I send a message through the app?

For now, you can only respond to pre-existing messages through the mobile app. You cannot compose a new message from within the app. 

I've read all my messages - why do I still see a notification badge?

The "badge" on your Endear mobile app represents the number of Open conversations you have in the "My Inbox" folder.

How do I close a conversation?

Messages automatically get closed when you respond. If you'd like to manually close the message you can either  swipe left on the message from the Open folder of your inbox, or by visiting the thread and using the Actions option at the top-right > Close Conversation. The message will now appear in the Closed folder. 

How do I edit my mobile notifications?

For now, the only notification you can receive through your phone is for a new message. To turn this notification on or off:

  1. Click on your initial at the top-right corner of your home screen (where all your inboxes are displayed). 
  2. Click Notifications
  3. Select your mobile device
  4. Toggle the notification on (green) or off (grey)