SMS can be set up starting from one of two places: your Messaging Settings or from a specific store location. Note that only admins can set up SMS numbers.

Starting from a Location Home Page:

Starting from anywhere else:

  1. Click on Settings in your navigation panel and click on Messaging.

2. Select Phone Number from the +New menu.

3. Choose the type of number you'd like to add - either US or international - and click Search to see your options. If US-based, you can filter available phone numbers by your city, postal code or area code. Click Search to see your options.

4. Select a number from the results based on your search parameters. If you started from a specific location, the system will automatically associate this new number with that location. Otherwise, you'll be able to choose which location you'd like to assign the number to. Click Create to finalize. From now on, any user signed into that location will be sending SMS messages from this phone number.

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